World’s Shortest Joke: KRRISH 3

World’s Shortest Joke: KRRISH 3


Krrish 3 is India’s superhero along with Ra.One, Drona, etc. Therefore, it is evident that the condition of our Sci-fi and Superhero films is a disaster. India has not and probably cannot produce a decent Superhero film because of various reasons which i will talk about in sometime. But firstly, i would like to narrate you my experience of watching Krrish 3.

I am a huge Hrithik fan and i had absolutely loved Koi Mil Gaya. I also liked Krrish to some extent and hence i was eagerly waiting to see what Papa Roshan is going to offer me after 7 years. The song trailers before the release of the film had already me put me off, but i firmly believed in Papa Roshan’s storytelling skills. So i go to Big Cinemas with my friends on the 1st of November and take our “not so best seats”. After 2 and half hours i was stunned. I was stunned at the idiocy of the film. Somewhere deep in my mind i had this notion that the film is going to be bad, but i never imagined it to be so bad. I can confidently say that Ra.One was better than Krrish 3. I appreciate the fact that you are doing something different by making a film of this genre in this country, but if you are making one, the least you could do is to give proper justice to it. Krrish 3 is suppose to be a Science-Fiction film, but it feels like it is a Religion-Fiction film, and i am saying this because Science is all about facts and logic but you do not make that effort to amaze us with it, but instead, apply the “Emotional” solutions to all the scientific problems and turn your Superhero into a God.

Now to point out some reasons as to why India has not been able to produce a decent Superhero film is because,
1. Our INDIANIZATION of Superhero films means that there should be songs and dances.
2. We are lazy, we do not want to put that extra effort just to make the action and VFX bearable.
3. We CANNOT be original. Krrish 3 is a mash-up of Superman, Batman, X-men, The Amazing Spiderman and for all you know some South-East Asian Superhero too.
4. We do not know the meaning of the word, CLICHE.

It is also very evident from the Mash-up that Papa Roshan watches the Superhero films that are made in Hollywood. Then, why cannot he imbibe the similar kind of maturity? Why do our Superheroes look so shabby and stupid when you are aware of the quality of work that is happening in Hollywood?
I am sure i am never going to be able to find the answers to these questions. Whatever it is, Money is definitely not the answer. We do not require money to write a good script and learn to use the harness properly. It is sad that we are going in a very wrong direction in this genre, and we will keep on heading this way until someone sensible just steps up to make that extra effort .
One last thing that i can say with a very mixed emotions of Shame and Pride that we just have one Superhero film that is far superior to anything that we have produced, and it is what i call a true example of an Indian Superhero. Mr. India!


  1. Considering a complete lack of superhero comic book culture that could have helped in terms of storyline/character building/villans/superpowers, this is an ambitious effort to push movie goers in India away from the usual over-romance to a genre that has captured audiences worldwide. We need more ambitious movies such as this to further take the industry in a new direction.

    The fault really is our own. Because most Indian audiences wouldn’t pay to watch a Hindi dubbing of iron man. They mostly want an indianised superhero. Krrish is merely trying to be the best of both worlds to recover its investment. A few more movies and a few more years in this genre should go along way in acclimatising the Indian audience to this genre.

    I think it’s harsh if we compare it to a Hollywood flick.

  2. I completely agree with Harshad Nalawade. Thanks for the review Harshad…

  3. the first two parts were better . the music and dialogues ate up my mind

  4. You have shrewdly observed what I have felt while watching the movie. One can’t go from reel to reel without screaming which scene has been taken from which Hollywood superhero movie. It is indeed unacceptable that someone of Hrithik’s caliber would churn out something like this. I have no clue why some people are praising Vivek and Kangana’s performance. As for the mutants, they are there to flaunt leather outfits and cleavage. The name “Maanvar” also leaves me speechless. As for Priyanka I had become a huge fan once I watched Fashion, but lately all she can do is try to be bubbly with a fake accent which grates on the nerves and is more irritating than fingernails on a chalkboard. There is nothing wrong to lift from Hollywood but at least a decent copy should be produced. Your review is spot on!

  5. So much for your criticisms…, The movie simply did not make it to the 100 crore club. I myself do not watch Bollywood movies due to their unrealistic story lines. But, to negate a daring and risky attempt by an Indian producer with some cheap comments is very sad. Such comments no way efffct, as long as the Indian public is dumb and watch much worse and third grade movies than this.

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